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Balancing life in all its various shapes and forms


Sunday Morning Thoughts on Authenticity

If I say the word authentic to you, what do you think of?  An antique that has been confirmed as an antique? A painting that was actually done by Picasso and is not a fake? Authenticity provokes many images and discussions but if you think about it the fake Picasso is actually authentic, it is an authentic fake! But what about us, how authentic are we? Do we show the “real me” or how many of us practice the art of being a Chameleon and change to fit our circumstances? I know

Strength and Characters : Strong Woman? She is you!

So a strong woman, who is she? What does she look like? What makes her who she is? I asked the question and the answers, and images, I got back were wide and varied. “Someone who knows who she and is not afraid to be it”. “A woman who has the strength to be herself” “A woman who can hold her own with dignity when she gets that condescending get back to the kitchen sink look” “A woman who can wear her trainers with a dress and still be taken seriously in a meeting” It would se

Strength and Characters : Battling Self Confidence

My arms hurt! They burn like hell! I think I worked them harder today at Western Health and Racquets Club Gym than I have ever worked them before.  Either that or I was just weaker! Whichever of these two statements is true, at the moment I don’t care because my arms hurt. The last few sessions with GymGuyMark have been all about the weights. Cardio I can pretty much do on my own, I have the confidence now to use the treadmill, cross trainer and rower to good effect by myself

Strength and Characters : Aunty Betty

If I asked you to define what makes a strong woman, what would you say? What image pops into your mind? Given that the dictionary definition of the adjective is “having the power to move heavy weights or perform other physically demanding tasks” for most us I guess an athlete or a sportswoman is the obvious choice but not for me. Perhaps it is Ms Pankhurst, with her drive to ensure that women were treated equally Or maybe it is an image of a women carrying water for miles on


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