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Balancing life in all its various shapes and forms


To trust or not to trust!

The gut feeling versus instinct debate rages on. After I published my last blog a friend sent me this. Her example was when, newly divorced, she bumped into her first love at her lawyer’s office. Her instinct screamed RUN but the lurch in her stomach and the butterflies took her back to that first kiss outside the local pub. Yes, they are both older, and in his case wider, but he still had that smile that turned her legs to jelly. Even after she heard herself agreeing to go f

Day 52 : Yawn! ❤❤❤ 05/03/2017

5 am???? Seriously 5 am! My body clock has to be kidding me! It wasn’t even a turn over and go back to sleep awakening. No, it was a get up and get stuff done alarm and the worst part was my brain agreed with my body. They were. for once, in sync at 5 am. 5 am on a Sunday!!!!! Nothing for it but to get up, have a shower and find something to do quietly. I pulled out my to do list and by 7 am, I had started to build a new blog site, answered 13 emails, sorted and composed 10 T

2015: the year I revolted!

When you read all the health advice for someone of my age, it is all cut down on stress, watch what you eat, don’t drink to excess and exercise. I realised the other day that in 2015 I revolted against most of this. I think I saw the inside of the gym only a handful of times, healthy eating; eh no, and stress, well lets just say at times it was off the radar. So I guess that makes me a lifestyle revolutionary, waving the flag for all the wrong reasons but if you were to quest

Sunday Morning Thoughts; Time to flap those arms

I complained the other night that I feel like my life has disappeared. All I seem to be doing is working, little sleep and very often forgetting to eat when I come home! (Yes GymGuyMark, I know! Naughty Naughty) The weekends have been time to catch up on sleep and much-needed trips to the  Western Health and Racquets Club Gym as weekday PT sessions and Metafit classes have been a thing of the past. Too say my energy levels are as low as my mood would be an understatement. A l

Game, set and match … 50 versus 8

I watched H G Wells The Time Machine last night, I love the part where Rod Taylor sits in his Time Machine and watches as the fashion in the dress shop window changes, hemlines rising! It was one of the first grown up films I ever watched as a child and I remember being a wee bit scared of those weird creatures he meets towards the end. It did make me think though, if I had a Time Machine, when would 50-year-old me go back to give myself advice? Would I like to warn myself of

One day and counting … Fifty

So what do you do the day before you turn 50? Do you spend the day being pampered? Shopping? Eating out Me? I had a blissful long lie in then I hit the gym at The Western Health and Racquets Club, Hyndland Road. Due to a very busy week at work last week, I didn’t make the Gym at all, so had to make do with walking an average of 5 miles a day instead. So I was part dreading, part looking forward to today’s session. I started off with a 45 minute power walk on the treadmill and

Four days and counting … Fifty!

Well, it is nearly here. On Wednesday 12th June 2013 I turn fifty! Yes my friends, I have almost made it through my first half century and start heading into the next one. How do I feel about it? How will I feel about moving age boxes into the 50 – 59 category? To be honest, it is just a number. Just like I have learned that it is nice to step onto scales and realize that you have lost weight but what the numbers do not show is how you feel. Our lives are so driven by numbers

A year ago … still boldly going !

My third Blog post http://ginorgym.wordpress.com/2012/03/08/to-boldy-go-where-no-gymophobe-has-been-before/ written after I had been for my first look around the Western Health and Racquets Club. I remember being very apprehensive about what it would be like, would it be full of very fit people pounding the treadmill and lifting huge weights with one finger? Or would I run kicking and screaming after seeing my first torture machine? As it turned out none of the above, no one


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