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Balancing life in all its various shapes and forms


Ouch it hurts, seriously!

Ok, it is now Saturday afternoon and my entire body is still recovering from my PT session on Wednesday night with GymGuyMark at Western Health and Racquets Club Gym. Why I hear you cry? You wimp, I hear you say! Serves you right, stay at home and drink gin, you yell back at me! I had had a tough day at work, it was non stop and stressful so I was looking forward to hitting the Gym, having a bit of banter with GGM and chilling out. How wrong could I have been! It was partly m

Strength and Characters : Battling Self Confidence

My arms hurt! They burn like hell! I think I worked them harder today at Western Health and Racquets Club Gym than I have ever worked them before.  Either that or I was just weaker! Whichever of these two statements is true, at the moment I don’t care because my arms hurt. The last few sessions with GymGuyMark have been all about the weights. Cardio I can pretty much do on my own, I have the confidence now to use the treadmill, cross trainer and rower to good effect by myself

The Return of the Gymophobe!

Firstly a little bit of honesty, things have not been too good recently. I am currently off work suffering from anxiety, stress and exhaustion so my poor old Blog has suffered a wee bit. Any kind of heightened anxiety makes you over analyse things so any draft Blogs I have composed have been scrutinised so many times they had lost their meaning and, in turn, me with them. So, having now deleted all the ‘anxious’ ones, this is me getting back on the blogging track with a catch

Dizzy disappointment

Woke this morning feeling great, nice long lie, leisurely breakfast and nothing to do but spend the whole morning on me. Perfect, day off! So heading down to the Western Health and Racquets Club, in the leafy West End of Glasgow for my Tuesday session with GymGuyMark, I was feeling in good form and actually looking forward to working out. I did nothing different from my usual treadmill, rowing, bike and cross trainer but somewhere between finishing cardio and heading up the s


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