Balancing life in all its various shapes and forms


Singularly Awesome

So today is the day when timelines are full of chocolates, red roses and fluffy pictures, well for some!!!! Mine is full of ads for dating agencies, speed dating evenings and advice on being single on Valentines Day. There are people who will cry to the bottom of a box of tissues and whinge about being single till that last square of a family size bar of Cadburys has departed. They will avoid the world because they hate being S I N G L E on Valentine’s Day! Don’t deny it you

Consider the Pyramids – the Support role !

Ok people, step 4 on our ‘pyramid’ travels. Mr M has this as BELONGING – LOVE, so how do we apply that to our fitness regime or exercise programme. Well for me this all about SUPPORT and LOVE! Firstly SUPPORT, when we make any kind of change in our life, the support of family, friends or community is vital. Yes, I know there are those of you who prefer to go it alone but now and again it is good to know that you have a support network there if you need it. Whether it is the s



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