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December Days …the last gift, Myrrh!

The third gift but by no means the least was of course myrrh! Some myrrh facts for you courtesy of Rae! Myrrh is actually a small tree, native to north-east Africa. Myrrh essential oil is distilled from the sticky golden resin which is removed by cutting into the bark. Myrrh is known as the ‘mucus mover’ as one of its main qualities is to energise the respiratory tract, so perfect for those Christmas/winter bugs. Ancient people recognised the healing powers of myrrh and used

December Days … Did you know about Frankincense?

Did you know that frankincense is actually a resin that comes from a tree? Since I started reading up about this amazing oil, it has kind of fascinated me. Its other name is olibanum which roughly means that which results from milking. Milking I hear you say, why? So time for the science bit   ! There are four main kinds of Boswellia, the tree that produces real frankincense, and each type of resin comes in different grades. These depend of when it is harvested and each resin

December Days … let’s get those legs ready to party

Ok guys, it is get the legs ready time! Many of us will be out for office parties, nights out and lots of general merriment, but do you ever think what you put your poor pins and tootises through ? We girls are so guilty of buying that fab pair of heels then not wearing them till our night out … and the next day … ouch ouch ouch! So with a little help from GymGuyMark and the lovely Rae from Aurora Therapy, here is our guide to getting those feet and legs, party ready! Firstly


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