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19 years and counting

19 years ago my life changed! I suffered a massive anxiety attack that led to a complete collapse in my world. It made me realise that I had been trying to cope with “heightened anxiety” for most of my life and that I was not quite as tough as I made out.

Thanks to the best family in the world, I got through one of the toughest “experiences” of my life. I discovered and learned so much about coping with anxiety and managed eventually to come off medication.

There is not a day goes by without the dark thought trying to creep in but thanks to meditation, support, family and the sanest bunch of nutters who supply endless amounts of banter, gin, motivation, pets to cuddle and places to escape to, I have the most amazing strength and an ability to cope with change.

After beautiful sunsets comes the night but remember somewhere the sun is always rising!


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