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A new mantra from a crisis 

I had a bit of a crisis of confidence this afternoon! I was tidying out my clothes and I came across a bag full of t-shirts, shirts, jeans and dresses! Delighted to find them, I tried them on only to realise very quickly why they were shoved at the back of the cupboard. They were all clothes I could fit into during the year I turned 50. I would be lying if I didn’t say the realisation of the shape I am in now didn’t hit me. Yes, I know that everyone is beautiful no matter what but this was more about everything that I had worked so hard to achieve was now sitting in rolls around my waist! Ok so a dodgy knee and a new med regime haven’t helped but those are excuses. Just excuses!

The fabulous at fifty focus was so important to me so perhaps even more fabulous in mind and body by 55 should be the new mantra!

A perfect mantra that will be full of imperfections, perspiration and many many swear words !!!!

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