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Article from West End Life July 2012

Hey Gin and Gym fans!

Since I last wrote two major earth shattering events have occurred. Not only did I turn 49 (eek) but I went to my first exercise class at the Western Gym on Hyndland Road. Kettlercise was the name of the torture that myself and few plucky others endured,  50 minutes of fun, dripping sweat, swinging weights and trying not to thump the person next to you. Even GymGuyMark joined in, hiding at the back! The old legs and arms were pushed to the limit but they survived and by the time you read this I will be on my second or third class, or in the other Western. No grapes please!

The next day I was in agony but thanks to the skills and oils of Rae from Napiers those aches and pains were soon soothed away. Massage or reflexology sessions do wonder for tired, gym’d out limbs.  After all exercise is hard work and we all deserve a wee reward now and again.

So mine is a G and T and here’s hoping I see 50!

Till the next time and good luck in the Wee Sally competition


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