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Be you … or else!

My wonderful, supportive counsellor is moving to London to take on an incredible opportunity. She sent me this as a parting gift and told me “to own it or else”

She has supported me and helped me understand some of the most challenging times, from trauma to health issues, from self belief to crises of confidence. Her faith in me never wavered even when I used the banned words and phrases such as “can’t” “impossible” “not strong enough”.

Perhaps the greatest lesson we worked on was who I am and not allowing trauma or set backs of any kind to attack my self belief or define me. Difficult, you bet, but once you get past the hurdles and find a method of emotional self defence, it’s an incredible feeling.

One of her favourite phrases is “boxes are for storage” if you want to “box up feelings, you better have some pretty strong tape to keep that box closed”. I tried more than once to store away things I didn’t want to face, but like any good counsellor, C managed to steer our sessions towards those “boxes” without me even knowing it. Chucking emotional clutter in the skip feels as good as lobbing rubbish into a real one.

Thank you C for everything and now it’s time to be epic, to be brave and to keep on believing in me!









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