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Breaking chains to make “chainges”!

A friend sent me this quote after reading the blog I posted yesterday

So how do I break free? Well the 5×50 Challenege is a start, it slowly helps to build the confidence in my physical abilities and the courage to start setting targets to push myself in the right direction. I am not aiming to get back to where I was before, I am not the same person and I no longer use reverse gear but breaking chains to make “chainges” is tough. So I guess this is where the old small steps belief system comes into play.

Each wee step, each 30 minute power walk will build up the strength to break the heavy chains and build stronger, healthier links to self confidence day by day. Not just physically but mentally as well. Just remember that with any kind of wee victory to reward yourself. My reward? What better reward after a power walk than a nap with a good “friend”.

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