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Bridget Gym’s Diary Sunday 8th June 2014 Day 14

Day 14

Sunday … the last day of my fourteen days!

  1. Awake: Long lie, didn’t go to bed till late, having such a good time

  2. Breakfast: Bacon rolls and lots of coffee

  3. Snack : Coffee from Gordon Street Coffee much needed latte

  4. Lunch: Nothing, had a snooze

  5. Snack: Chopped up banana and a few hazelnuts

  6. Evening:

  7. Today’s highs: Good memories of a great night with friends

  8. Today’s lows : A horrible guy on the train being a wee bit nasty to a few people. Was a bit scary

  9. Exercise: Wandered around the West End of Glasgow taking in the parade down Byres Road and the Mela in Kelvingrove Park. A good 5k in total

Tip of the day: The morning after the night before sometimes does require a good bacon roll. There is nothing like it but remember it is a treat, do not beat yourself up about it.

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