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Day 22 Friday ! ❤❤❤

Today I had to have my thoughts organised. My day planner was full with calls, meetings and catch ups. So it was with a full charged FitBit and a very optimistic attitude that my day began with a walk down to see my Job Coach at the Job Centre. No matter how I feel, I use this as a positive experience, even when things are not going as I planned, after chatting to Emma I always feel brighter. And today was exceptional, I don’t want to say too much, it isn’t a new job, but there is an exciting possibility bubbling under. After I left I made two calls to Agencies then decided to head to the one place I always go to chill out. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

Facebook There are two spaces there that I love. One is the Scottish Colourists Room with the paintings by FCB Cadell, they always help me zone out and chill.

If this challenge is teaching me anything it is that optimism, focus and a willingness to try are some of the ways to cope with change and challenge. This is not just about exercise and healthy eating, it is about becoming healthier in all aspects of life.

Oh and there are definite signs of a waist!

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