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Day 4 … 147 to go

Good start! Walk for 45 minutes followed by a low fat Greek yoghurt and banana breakfast with a black coffee. Yes, I am polishing my halo as I type. This was then followed by a day of sorting out of old papers and documents.

Funny what bits of paper we keep for years then have second thoughts about throwing out. I found so many train tickets, boarding passes and even bar receipts all with scribbled memories on the back. Quite a few got ripped up with “why did I keep that when that bas***d mucked me about so much” and others were rescued from the bin with a second thought and a sigh. Isn’t it weird what we hold onto even if the memory associated is not all that great.

So this week I have a couple of big challenges from the ongoing job search to  my first try at Spinning. I have worked out my eating plan and am going to try and do a short video clip tomorrow to try and explain exactly what the whole challenge is about.

Hope you all had a good weekend and here is to a productive week and yet more acing muscles!

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