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Day 41: Did I? ❤❤❤ 22/02/2017

Have you ever woken up and had that fear that you have forgotten to do something? You know that blind panic when you are convinced you left your purse at the shop, your keys in the front door or were supposed to be somewhere and forgot? Yeh, those moments! It happened to me last night, I was convinced I had left the oven on and any minute I would be gassed to death. It took me fully ten minutes to calm down but by that time I had got up at 4.30am, washed my dishes, typed a letter and ironed my clothes.

So after all that I still fitted in a Core workout with GymGuyMark at the Western Health and Racquets Club. Getting those stressed, tired limbs to work and the anxious muscles to stretch, swing or push this tired body.

I dread to say it but exercise works! Mind you, so does gin!!!!!

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