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Day 56: ❤❤❤ 09/03/2017 Back to the future!

The reason is that I am at present standing in the sunshine in front of the Hamish Wood building at Glasgow Caledonian University. So what, I hear you cry? Well for the few who were with me at that point in my life you will understand. I am here to talk to students about a charity event I help run and it is in the same building that I once talked to a group of students almost 20 years ago.

Fast forward and I am now sitting back in my present. That trip to GCU was a real shaker, the buildings are very different, the campus is modern and perhaps as a sign the sun was till shining. I realised that it is possible to go back to see your future. Going back to places that could potentially provide bad memories or experiences can be flipped to make you realise how far you have moved on and that the “bad memory” is actually more a lesson and an experience that helps you to grow.

Pressing that button again and I am sitting in the cinema watching a performance of Hedda Gabler by the National Theatre. Yet again the resonance of a life changed by decisions echoes strongly. We cannot foresee what will happen, we don’t have a De Lorena to jump back and forward so we cope, we change and embrace the challenge of que sera sera unless we need to take Hedda’s option and that is unthinkable.

This was an eye opener for me today, and I coped.

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