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Day 59: ❤❤❤ 12/03/2017 The Runaire’s Desk

So here it is! This is what has been keeping me occupied for the last few weeks.

I am setting up my own business!

I am still “building and developing” a few things but will be “official” from April 1, I already have a few people who I am starting to work with on an trial basis and cannot thank them enough for their trust, you know who you are.

The word Runaire is the Gaelic word for secretary and when my sister Maggie suggested it, I was immediately inspired by all those women who worked tirelessly behind desks on old typewriters, getting through the pile of papers given to them every day. In other words, give it to me and you can relax knowing it will get done.

I am not just sticking to admin or my Investment Banking skills. When I looked at my CV, I realised that I have a multitude of skills, any of which can be useful to any number of people who may just need that extra bit of time back.

The first of many thank you lists …

My amazingly, supportive family and extended family.There are no words. Michelle Rodger and Julie Marie Gordon for the encouragement and mentoring, I would never have got this far without your support, coaching and “realism” Emma at Partick Job Centre. She has been amazing and so encouraging in everything over the last weeks. The Greecester Crew … thanks team! Hayley Richardson Panagiotis McKioulpe and Stavros Kev O’Neil for answering that Friday email. a quote always helps Liz McLachlan Catriona Maidens JJ Adams ladies who support and laugh! Gary Day-Ellison for helping me simplify an idea Sydney Marcellus Operahouse for being a mate!

And to everyone else who knew, including ex colleagues, thank you for the messages, texts and emails.

This time next year Rodney, when I have made my first million (!!!) gins are on me!


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