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Greece is the word! Thessalonika 

So the keeping a daily blog on our trip to Greece didn’t work! Simple reason, we had far too much to do, see, visit, eat, drink and nap our way through! During the 12 days we spent there I totally fell in love with the country so I am not going to make this strictly a travel guide type blog, what I hope it will do is to give you my impressions and explain why I think you should go visit the other regions and not just stay on the coast.


It is the second largest city in Greece and I have to say it, at times, reminded me a bit of Glasgow! The people can appear a bit stand offish at first but get to know them and you will find they are just as friendly as we Glasgwegians. There is nothing that a lot of hand waving and miming cannot resolve.

We found it was a great idea to use AirBNB and go self catering as it gave us an excuse to explore the supermarkets, bakers and market stalls for all sorts of goodies and we even had a go at brewing our own Greek coffee. The supermarket blew our minds, it was impossible to choose so I have to admit we bought three types of Greek yoghurt! Try the cheese pies, totally addictive!!!!!

Next … Xanthi!

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