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GymGuy Mark’s Gym Tips #1

Series of tips shamelessly knicked from @gymguymark and @westerntennis on Twitter under #marksgymtips

This weeks pearls of wisdom … comments in brackets are mine !

  1. Safe back management is important when lifting weights. First & foremost, ensure correct posture before the exercise even starts. (very true, I lifted a weight the wrong way and boy oh boy did it hurt)

  2. Stretching post workout. Hold for a minimum of 1 minute, pushing deeper into stretch after 30 sec. Called a progressive stretch. (GymGuyMark showed me how to do this, very worthwhile)

  3. Always remember to stretch after working out. More important than stretching before. ‪

  4. To make time for activity… Use your lunch hour. Take a walk or go to a nearby gym if you can. (even I manage this now and again or if i can’t get away at lunchtime I walk home)

  5. Craving chocolate? You could be lacking magnesium. Substitute nuts, seeds, legumes, fruit. ( no comment!!!!!)

Thanks Mark

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