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On days like these …

For some strange reason I have had the song On Days Like These by Matt Monto stuck in my head. I have no idea why but there it is.

It is one of my favourite songs because it is so smooth and chilled out, images of driving around the Mediterranean in a sporty car with the top down, channeling my inner Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn!!! Guess you could say it represents one of my happy places that I can go to in my head when I need to breathe.

I often find that when you come back from time away you need these connections, these happy places to help you get through the day. After all I can hardly drag a great big lump of driftwood around with me (see previous blog) to sit on, so it the eyes closed and heading across the Italian countryside, virtually breathing in the blue sky that surrounds me and looking to the road ahead and whatever twists and turns that may bring.

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