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The Monday Ouch !

So Monday started well with a free Starbucks followed by the usual day of phone calls, coffee, reports, emails, checklists, phone calls, coffee, reports emails! I kept getting that feeling that I had forgotten something though, I went through the checklists three or four times and everything was done and up to date. So what on earth had I forgotten ? And then when I tripped over my rucksack for the fourth time , I remembered, tonight was back to the Gym! Darn ! That wasn’t the word I used but my Mum might read this one day !!!!! As the afternoon ticked on various panics, urgent emails came in, stressed out clients calling, all I could think of was do these people not know I have to go sweat soon! It was also at this point that I also realised that the carefully packed rucksack didn’t in fact contain my gym stuff but was full off old books that I meant to take to the Oxfam shop at the weekend. I should never be allowed out in the morning till after coffee is drunk.

So not only were we getting stressed out about whether I would manage to finish in time but that I had to get back to my wee flat to get my ‘stuff’. Now dear friends it is at this point in the proceedings that I would normally have said stuff it, I am going home via the chippy but no, our heroine blundered on courtesy of a mad dash in a taxi, nearly breaking my neck tripping over next doors cat and all to make sure I made to Western Gym in time to allow GymGuyMark to make me walk fast on a treadmill.

So tonight we started on the treadmill thing, felt good walking off the days stresses, then I heard GymGuyMark say, we are going to try a few different things tonight. Pain alarm going off in my head but hey, let’s give it ago.

Cross trainer thing … hate hate hate … had to give up before thighs burst. This machine is becoming my nemesis and I am determined to feel comfortable on it.

Back onto treadmill, and get me, drinking water, yes water whilst I am walking. Show off.

Wee go on the bike next, enjoyed that, sitting down I can do.

And then it was up the stairs, hate stairs, they are evil ! Down on the floor says Mark, wee snooze thinks I. Now that I am an Olympic athlete at, and he is even giving me a nice big ball to rest my feet up on. Yeh right! The image below is what the exercise should have looked like. Me, I think I got my head up off the floor, and at one point when GymGuyMark reminded me to breathe, I distinctly felt a musclely type feeling in my stomach, can’t be sure yet but will report back once confirmed.

So after I found out that lying down for ten minutes blinking your eyelids is apparently not an exercise, we got the rest of the tummy torture out-of-the-way and it was time to stretch. By now, the legs are wobbly and tummy is thinking ‘I hate you, so much G’, I managed to dodge the can you come in on Tues or Weds (thank God for late shift) so I am back on Thursday for more of the same.

I have a feeling tomorrow, it won’t just be the hamstrings that are stiff, I think I might feel it all over !!!!!!

Shower, and bed methinks


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