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One down side to life laundry is that it leaves you vulnerable to those long buried emotions, especially if you were kind enough to leave yourself post-it’s describing why you kept all that crap!!!! Days after the bin men have removed the black bags and the last scraps of burnt photos have made their way to the beyond, emotions can still run high and the after effects linger. We leave our head and heart open to question why we shredded the last piece of that relationship, we question why we gave away the “presents” to a charity shop and regret starts to creep in.

However much we regret our actions it is important to remember that we “showed up”! It takes courage to clear out the past because we are actually getting rid of little pieces of ourselves. We don‘t know how the process will affect us because we have little control over that nasty little niggle called doubt who just loves it when we are vulnerable. As I am sure many of us will testify, that nasty niggle can lead to a lack of emotional control making that vulnerability lead to hasty actions. But, the one piece of control you always have is the word No! In getting rid of all those reminders you are saying No to the thing that nearly destroyed you, you are saying No to negativity and you are saying No to being subjected to derision and spite. There are no winners or losers when relationships end, we all feel it in a variety of ways but, as Ms Brown says, it’s all about courage.

Having the courage to open your heart to vulnerability might feel dangerous but remember we are human. So go buy more bin bags, get shredding, clear up that crap, let go of the past and show up for the future.


PS. You know who you are and I hope this helps 😀

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