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When Your Travels Help You Arrive

So, it has been a while my friends!

Life’s ups and downs have kept me from writing however after what feels like a long, and at times very difficult, journey a brand new destination is in sight.

I am about to start on a brand new set of travels into the world of academia. In 2018/2019 I successfully completed an Access to University of Glasgow course and passed all my exams. After the agonising wait that is UCAS, I finally got my place to do an MA in Sociology and Scottish Literature and I start in two weeks time.

To say that I am over the moon is an understatement. I cannot wait to get started and finally get that degree that I was told at the age of 16 that I “was not bright enough for”.

So many times in life it feels like our internal sat nav has lead us down the wrong path and taken us into a traffic jam full of bumps, stalls and overheated engines. But I guess it is true, if we can look at that huge hill or that confusing junction with a clear head and open heart, we can start to see things differently and find that “long road for a shortcut” that takes us to somewhere unexpected.

I still have to pinch myself that this is happening. The feeling of self worth is incredible and has not only opened my head but my heart to. Finding a love and passion for learning has been a long time coming and is just the most awesome feeling ever.

It is true, that the many trials and travels in life, do finally help you arrive!


PS I have so many people to thank for their support, advice and being there. You know who you are x

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