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Where did I leave my saddle?

So it has been a few months since I did any official exercise ie set out to work out or power walk. There are many reasons for this, the main one being I have had absolutely no confidence in my ability to achieve anything out with my comfort zone. Having to deal with getting back to work, coping with counselling and accepting that I needed to stay on medication for my anxiety all builds up and I needed to concentrate on certain things and move away from others.

So we are thinking that the head is sort of in a better place therefore it is time to get back in the exercise saddle and start looking after the body. Easing myself in gently, I decided to take up the 5×50 Challenge.


I chose the Braveheart option to do 30 minutes of exercise everyday and I have to admit, so far, it is going well. I have been power walking every day and although it had only been a few days, the biggest benefit is that I am sleeping better.

It doesn’t sound much but it took a lot of courage to start all this again and I am really hoping that these 30 minutes every day will build up the motive to get back in the gym saddle again. So look out GymGuyMark, I will be back!!!!

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