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Balancing life in all its various shapes and forms


To trust or not to trust!

The gut feeling versus instinct debate rages on. After I published my last blog a friend sent me this. Her example was when, newly divorced, she bumped into her first love at her lawyer’s office. Her instinct screamed RUN but the lurch in her stomach and the butterflies took her back to that first kiss outside the local pub. Yes, they are both older, and in his case wider, but he still had that smile that turned her legs to jelly. Even after she heard herself agreeing to go f

Four go to Fife!

It doesn’t matter how many times I visit Fife / St Andrews, I never get bored with it. There is just so much to see and do especially if you are a foodie or in my case a huge Scottish Gin fan. Our day started off at Balgove Steak Barn for lunch. It is an amazing atmospheric barn with the fantastic smell of their wood burning stoves. My friends had steak, I had the burger and our veggie pal had the deep-fried Halloumi, all tasted so fresh and delicious. It is very rustic and y

Every Day I was Happy for 2014

This Board that I created on Pinterest has been a real labour of love, for a long while I couldn’t post because my head was not in the right place to find happy. But now having spent an hour or two finishing it I have found the Happy I was hoping for. Here is to more Happy in 2015 #2014 #Happy #Pinterest

Every day I am happy for …

Still going after 21 days! Sometimes it is difficult but so far I am managing to find one thing every day, some days even two or three #Women #Happiness #Scotland #Happy #life #Thankful #Glasgow

Every day I am happy for …

I set myself a challenge at the beginning of this year that I would share one image a day of something I am happy for. If you want to follow my happy for board, you will find it on Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/ginorgym/every-day-i-am-happy-for/ Enjoy G #Pinterest #Photographs #Happy #Dailyphotos #Images


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