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Balancing life in all its various shapes and forms


Looking at clouds!

This amazing cloud appeared at sunset over Ayr beach. There are so many shapes in it that I stood and looked at it for ages while it cloud shifted into many forms. The one shape that kept drawing me back was a phoenix. That eternal bird that rises from the ashes time and time again, regenerating, reborn and ready to fly wherever it is needed. It’s tough to start again when a cloud hangs over you. It is a battle to find words and meaning in the strong emotions created by that

Be you … or else!

My wonderful, supportive counsellor is moving to London to take on an incredible opportunity. She sent me this as a parting gift and told me “to own it or else” She has supported me and helped me understand some of the most challenging times, from trauma to health issues, from self belief to crises of confidence. Her faith in me never wavered even when I used the banned words and phrases such as “can’t” “impossible” “not strong enough”. Perhaps the greatest lesson we worked

Words and phrases

How many times has someone said something to you in passing and it has cut you to the core? How many times have you opened your mouth without thinking and used words that were funny to you but to to others appear unkind? Words and phrases can hurt more and stay with us longer causing doubt, fear, anger and lack of confidence. In my 55 years on this planet, I have often felt rock bottom because someone has said a silly remark that has taken me down the wrong path, diverted my

How to cope with a big night out when you are over 50!!!!

So for some evil reason fate decides it is time to pour with rain and instead of the fit, healthy walk home, you need to jump on a bus. Fate, my friends, is an evil cow! She sits up there in her ivory fate tower and thinks that she has given out far too many lottery winners so it is time to have some fun with G. On this occasion sitting on the bus was someone I had not seen in years, we exchanged those awkward is it/isn’t looks and then after the traditional obligatory OMG it

9 months later … time to take stock!

I was sitting at my desk today when it suddenly dawned on me that it has been almost 9 months since I started this Gym thing at The Western Health and Racquets Club, Hyndland Road, Glasgow.  So I thought it was time to take stock, look at where I am and what the next 9 months holds. I think the writing was on the wall the first time I went to meet GymGuyMark at The Western. When I came out I called Michelle just to prove that I had actually gone and I seem to remember saying,

Consider the Pyramids … Smile, it is all about you!

SELF-ACTUALISATION! What a term! But what does it mean? For some fulfilling your own potential or perhaps having the motivation to realise your maximum potential and possibilities, I asked a friend of mine what she thought it was and she described it as the “end of a process to become the best you can be by focusing on a goal or an aim”. “It can cause great joy, happiness but also deep thought of the what is the next challenge kind” For many of us reaching the top of our Pyra

Consider the Pyramids – the Support role !

Ok people, step 4 on our ‘pyramid’ travels. Mr M has this as BELONGING – LOVE, so how do we apply that to our fitness regime or exercise programme. Well for me this all about SUPPORT and LOVE! Firstly SUPPORT, when we make any kind of change in our life, the support of family, friends or community is vital. Yes, I know there are those of you who prefer to go it alone but now and again it is good to know that you have a support network there if you need it. Whether it is the s

The Perils of the Plateau

And so my friends, another weigh has come and gone and I have stayed exactly the same, nothing on and nothing off! All my efforts at the Gym at Western Health and Racquets Club and watching what I eat, seem to have been in vain. I have plateau’d! Now normally I would be quite happy with this state of weight, after all this whole trek (I hate the journey word) was all about balance, to have the gin we must do the Gym, but for some reason as GymGuyMark will testify, I was not a

Sunday Post Coffee Thoughts 02/09/2012 Phenomenally woman

“Pretty women wonder where my secret lies. I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size But when I start to tell them, They think I’m telling lies. I say, It’s in the reach of my arms The span of my hips, The stride of my step, The curl of my lips. I’m a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That’s me.” — Maya Angelou In memory of John who gave me this poem  to remind me of who I am and that no matter what I do or change, I am still a phenomenal woman! No


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