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Balancing life in all its various shapes and forms


Working It Out : A Spoonful of Sugar Makes the Medicine Go Down???

If only it was that easy Mary Poppins! It is a simple fact of life that, for those of us coping with anxiety and certain forms of depression, medication is key. No matter how many therapies we try, how many oils we breathe, how many zen like poses we sit in, we have to take the pills. This is something I really struggle with, I hate taking pills, even my daily vitamins, so to have to accept the fact that to get through the day and “function” I have to take one little white pi

Working it out : The Pebble Dropping

During my therapy session tonight a tiny wee pebble dropped into the pool of my thoughts. It could disturb the calm that I have been feeling but I think it is more likely to have a good ripple effect! I just need to get myself to the place where I can accept, understand and cope with what that brings! #depression #Fitness #therapy #Anxiety #llife #MentalHealth

Working it out : keep dancing!

One of the big problems that occurs when anxiety or depression takes over your life is that there are every day mundane things that still need to be done. Paying bills, food shopping, even getting out of bed and getting dressed are things that need to be done, especially if you live on your own. It can be such a struggle to cope and face these simple tasks and when the over thinking kicks in the molehill quickly becomes a mountain. What if we change or challenge the mountain

Working it out : Anxiety

If I asked you what the face of anxiety looks like,what would you say? If you Google it this is what you get Yet the majority of us who battle any kind of heightened anxiety on a day-to-day basis look normal. We don’t sit in corners crying or run down the street screaming, we get on with our lives until that day when it all gets too much. Your whole world feels totally disabled, the simplest task takes about three days to complete, in my case a passport application form, and

Green Shoots of Recovery

I think it was John Major who coined this phrase to describe yet another so-called emergence out of recession for the UK.  The perfect ad man speak! Creating that positive image, the emergence from a dark winter evening into a spring like day.  I had forgotten all about it until I watched an old episode of Drop the Dead Donkey. Funnily enough it perfectly describes my life at the moment in many ways. The anxiety/stress/exhaustion is now about 80% under control, thanks to a lo

One day at a time

Ok picture it; you are up, dressed, handbag in hand and heading out the door. You get to the end of the street and suddenly you think did I turn off the iron? Yeh, of course I did, I always do. But then that tiny little anxious voice at the back of your brain says, are you sure? That tiny little voice within five minutes can bring on a whole host of trouble. Within seconds you go from a casual stroll to get some much needed fresh air to being rooted to the spot with indecisi


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