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Green Shoots of Recovery

green shoots

I think it was John Major who coined this phrase to describe yet another so-called emergence out of recession for the UK.  The perfect ad man speak! Creating that positive image, the emergence from a dark winter evening into a spring like day.  I had forgotten all about it until I watched an old episode of Drop the Dead Donkey.

Funnily enough it perfectly describes my life at the moment in many ways.

  1. The anxiety/stress/exhaustion is now about 80% under control, thanks to a lot of hard work and a lot of help and assistance from a great ‘team’ behind me.

  2. My life is slowly but surely falling back into place, the old confidence is getting there!

  3. The Gym is coming on really well, my body shape is changing and looks weird now, but is definitely toning up. I am using heavier weights and can cope with tougher cardio.

  4. I am starting to make plans for my 50th year on this planet and most definitely looking forward to it

So a wee short Blog but like the snowdrops in the Botanic Gardens every day I am breaking new ground and about to face another week full of challenges and hopefully, beginning to start back!


G x

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