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Balancing life in all its various shapes and forms


Peter Pan and the potential of Butterflies

Thinking back to yesterday’s Blog, I was reminded of this quote from Peter Pan. “Sometimes the things that you’re looking for, you can’t see with your eyes. You have to see them with your heart.” Photo taken at Traquair House, Scotland by me! If that’s the case, can “the heart” see through the carefully placed camera of the Zoom call? Can it survive the “new normal” that will exist after lockdown is over? Or will, as one of my friends said after reading yesterday’s Blog, “lif

Words and phrases

How many times has someone said something to you in passing and it has cut you to the core? How many times have you opened your mouth without thinking and used words that were funny to you but to to others appear unkind? Words and phrases can hurt more and stay with us longer causing doubt, fear, anger and lack of confidence. In my 55 years on this planet, I have often felt rock bottom because someone has said a silly remark that has taken me down the wrong path, diverted my

Instinct is illogical!

Oooh potentially contentious blog! “Instinct is illogical” comes from an acquaintance of mine who reads my blogs. K is a maths/science teacher who bases her whole life on the formulas and theories she teaches. There is not a situation in K’s existence that has not being calculated and nothing is ever left to chance. I should say that I am not writing anything she would not say herself. Where most of us would make matter of the heart decisions with our emotions, K is “cold, lo

To trust or not to trust!

The gut feeling versus instinct debate rages on. After I published my last blog a friend sent me this. Her example was when, newly divorced, she bumped into her first love at her lawyer’s office. Her instinct screamed RUN but the lurch in her stomach and the butterflies took her back to that first kiss outside the local pub. Yes, they are both older, and in his case wider, but he still had that smile that turned her legs to jelly. Even after she heard herself agreeing to go f

Four go to Fife!

It doesn’t matter how many times I visit Fife / St Andrews, I never get bored with it. There is just so much to see and do especially if you are a foodie or in my case a huge Scottish Gin fan. Our day started off at Balgove Steak Barn for lunch. It is an amazing atmospheric barn with the fantastic smell of their wood burning stoves. My friends had steak, I had the burger and our veggie pal had the deep-fried Halloumi, all tasted so fresh and delicious. It is very rustic and y

Day 30 Chilling ❤❤❤

I have to admit that this morning I am shattered. A very busy and challenging week caught up with me and I had to cancel a few things today. I deliberately had a slow morning with a little bit longer in my meditation time. My walk took me round the Botanic Gardens minus my FitBit. The crocus and snowdrops are peeping up everywhere, it is so nice to see that wee bit of colour. Determination to get the job done! Sunday is going to be a challenging day as I have a lot to do plus

Day 26 Tempests ❤❤❤

Well Day 26 was windy, cold and wet! It was one of those days where you just want to stay in bed and do nothing but watch crap TV. Unfortunately I had a list as long as my aching legs so no lazing around!!!! I didn’t even have time for a gym session so instead I walked it from the West End into Glasgow City Centre, in the rain. Check my short video here, although I do get the name of the movie wrong Facebook Tuesday night is movie night and tonight was the RSC latest product

Day 24 Inspired ❤❤❤

Sunday, the day of rest! I wish! For some foolish reason I decided to get up early and instead of my usual long lie with many mugs of coffee and a good book, I found myself in my gym clothes and out walking. It was not the warmest of mornings but AC/DC in my headphones were working a treat. Now this would not be too bad if my brain had not then decided that I felt good enough to head to the Gym! Optimism on the part of my psyche, methinks???? Well, 2 lots of ten minutes on th

Reflections on Remain/Leave/Respect

This quote feels very appropriate this morning! For most the pebble will be the tiny seed of doubt, the quiet, whispering voice of no confidence in our ability to make the right choices and perhaps the niggling thought that the X in the box should have been put elsewhere. For my fellow Scots, who voted REMAIN, you didn’t “lose”, what we did was to create doubt in the system that we have lived and allowed to govern us from afar for years. What we need to do now is to focus on

In Praise of Burns

Wonderful video produced by the team I work with! Enjoy! Geraldine #RobertBurns #Drone #Scotland #BurnsNight #Highlands #Glasgow #Video

The Return!

Tomorrow is back to work day! After an amazing break, it is time to shift focus and balance out life. 2016 looks to be one that will be filled with passion, opportunity, personal growth and one almighty challenge in getting this poor old  neglected body back into shape. The spark has been lit and the revolution continues! G x #Fitness #Ginorgym #growth #Gin #opportunity #Gym #Scotland #change #focus

2015: the year I revolted!

When you read all the health advice for someone of my age, it is all cut down on stress, watch what you eat, don’t drink to excess and exercise. I realised the other day that in 2015 I revolted against most of this. I think I saw the inside of the gym only a handful of times, healthy eating; eh no, and stress, well lets just say at times it was off the radar. So I guess that makes me a lifestyle revolutionary, waving the flag for all the wrong reasons but if you were to quest

Change! Part 4

This morning I wake up in a different world! Over a week ago I was in the busy, frantic office of investment banking and today I enter the world of the “creative visionaries and digital design specialists” at 29studios My challenges? To manage the office, to learn what they do, reacquaint myself with a MacBook and embrace a brand new culture and way of working. All of which I am so looking forward to! When you make any change to your life you cause a whole heap of ripples in

Change! Part 2

The one problem with making any big change is doubt, that silly little niggle that starts at the back of your head and will not go away. Small things can very quickly escalate into huge fears and worries and the spiral into heightened anxiety can shift up a gear and speed towards the danger zone. How do you stop that from happening? Self belief, remember where the courage came from to make that decision and why! Focus on you, on your reasons good or bad and use them to point

Change! Part 1

Change! A word that scares many of us to heck and back! Why? Is it because we like being comfortable in an environment that is familiar or is it because we don’t like new faces? Perhaps the reason is that even if it is dangerous, we know what to expect from wherever we have lain our hat! Whatever the excuse, I mean reason, a lot of us just will not change what we perceive to be security. Very often it takes drastic action on the part of karma/Jesus/Universe (delete as appropr

Stop the tantrum and get inspired!

How many times have you seen a screaming, purple face child lying face down in the supermarket trying to beat a hole in the floor because Mum won’t buy them a toy. Apparently without it their life is meaningless and they will be shunned by everyone. As we walk by we either criticise the poor parenting  or admire Mum’s guts for walking away and leaving the little darling to complete their performance in the Fruit and Veg aisle by themselves. You really have to admire children,

Belief, The Gym and Elvis ?

I was walking back home tonight after dinner at the Rio Cafe and as I headed up Hyndland Road a car stopped at the lights blaring out that eternal favourite of  karaoke singers everywhere, I Believe sung by Mr E Presley. Go on you know you want to …. I believe for every drop of rain falls A flower grows I believe that somewhere in the darkest night A candle glows Ahhh a classic! I could just see Elvis in his white suit belting out this old showstopper. The two young guys s

My IndyRef post !

Ok, my one and only Indy Ref post! I remember listening to this on the television and shedding more than one tear. Amazing to think that in just a few weeks time we make another huge decision about Scotland’s future. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anYHBwOF2cY Scotland in one way or another needs to send a clear message. Me? I am voting YES because I believe in my country and the people who live here and I think it is time we stood on our own two feet. I have done my research

Ready, steady, what next ?

On the train home tonight, I sat opposite a guy who was reading Running & Being: The Total Experience by George Sheehan. I had never heard of this book before and being a bit of a nosy type, I asked him if it was any good. He said that it had been recommended to him as he had had a serious operation on his right leg and was struggling with his confidence to get back into running again. I asked him if it’s principles could be applied to any other fitness related activities, he

Motivation versus Compassion, Boxing in Pink Gloves!

I woke up in the middle of the night after the strangest dream. I was in a boxing ring fighting myself but my opponent was about three stone lighter, had no wobbly bits and looked like she had never had to use extra strength anti wrinkle cream. We never actually landed any punches but just danced around a lot and ducked and dived. We both had on black outfits,she in the tight vest and lycra leggings and me in my baggy black sweats on.  We both had on a pair of bright pink box


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