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Instinct is illogical!

Oooh potentially contentious blog!

“Instinct is illogical” comes from an acquaintance of mine who reads my blogs. K is a maths/science teacher who bases her whole life on the formulas and theories she teaches. There is not a situation in K’s existence that has not being calculated and nothing is ever left to chance. I should say that I am not writing anything she would not say herself. Where most of us would make matter of the heart decisions with our emotions, K is “cold, logical and present in the now”.

Isn’t it strange how we all approach life and making decisions differently? Whether you go by your gut, instinct or a mathematical formula, we all get there in the end. K? Well she never did go on that date but she is now seeing the mechanic who fixed the exhaust on her car. Apparently, the technical explanation of why her engine was overheating combined with the scribbled drawing on a scrap piece of paper of where the fault was in her exhaust was catnip to this science lady.

Thank you, K, for allowing me to share your story, next when instinct goes badly wrong


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