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Day 24 Inspired ❤❤❤

Sunday, the day of rest! I wish!

For some foolish reason I decided to get up early and instead of my usual long lie with many mugs of coffee and a good book, I found myself in my gym clothes and out walking. It was not the warmest of mornings but AC/DC in my headphones were working a treat. Now this would not be too bad if my brain had not then decided that I felt good enough to head to the Gym! Optimism on the part of my psyche, methinks????

Well, 2 lots of ten minutes on the treadmill, 20 on the bike then my 10 minute rowing challenge and my psyche was no longer optimistic. Jelly legs and wimpy arms were struggling to even get me back to the Changing Room but after at least two pints of water and a breather, things got better.

See my Facebook page for today’s short video

My ten minute rowing challenge results, today on the left

Look out Week 5!

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