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Balancing life in all its various shapes and forms


To trust or not to trust!

The gut feeling versus instinct debate rages on. After I published my last blog a friend sent me this. Her example was when, newly divorced, she bumped into her first love at her lawyer’s office. Her instinct screamed RUN but the lurch in her stomach and the butterflies took her back to that first kiss outside the local pub. Yes, they are both older, and in his case wider, but he still had that smile that turned her legs to jelly. Even after she heard herself agreeing to go f

Day 40 The Joy Of The Moment 21/02/2016 ❤❤❤

Today was about learning and finding the joy of the moment. When you are making any kind of change in your life, I think it is important to understand the whys and wherefores. For me, this helps me to plan the way forward knowing that I have the knowledge and back up to cope. This can be anything from a technical skill to having people in my life who can give me solid advice. But it also means finding inspiration whether from literature, places or people. The key messsge fo

Day 39 Things I Cannot Live Without 20/02/2016 ❤❤❤

Isn’t it funny how we have the weirdest things in our lives that we cannot exist without? For me it is coffee, me without my morning mug/bucket/gallon of caffeine does not bear thinking about. The world is not safe believe me! Yet there are other things that at certain points in your life you find become necessities. I don’t mean essentials like water, air, food etc but the everyday bits and pieces you take for granted. Part of this next phase of my 150 Day Challenge is to cl

Day 34 Core Values

If I asked you to define your core what would you say? Apart from fruit related meanings, the dictionary has it as “the part of something that is central to its existence or character.” Or as a friend once put it, “it is the bit on the middle of you that defines who you are”. Many firms and organisations use their core values as a means to promote who they are and what they do so I guess it is a pretty central message. I have been lucky in the past to have worked with firms

Day 24 Inspired ❤❤❤

Sunday, the day of rest! I wish! For some foolish reason I decided to get up early and instead of my usual long lie with many mugs of coffee and a good book, I found myself in my gym clothes and out walking. It was not the warmest of mornings but AC/DC in my headphones were working a treat. Now this would not be too bad if my brain had not then decided that I felt good enough to head to the Gym! Optimism on the part of my psyche, methinks???? Well, 2 lots of ten minutes on th

Day 18 Back on the treadmill ❤❤❤

After two tough days, despite the start of a cold, I had to get back to the Gym. I could really feel myself starting to stiffen up and the old legs definitely needed a stretch. Facebook video So after watching the thrilling Australian Open final, I wrapped up, hit the treadmill and then the bike. It was a real mind over matter workout, with my body telling me it wanted a lie down but my brain disagreeing. Lots of water, good tunes and sheer will hit me through 20 mins on the

Day 14 : Spinning Time ❤❤❤

Finally today I went for an introduction to Spinning with Michael at Boiler Room Fitness, This dedicated spin studio is based at the Western Health and Racquets Club and caters for all levels and stages of Spinning abilities. I had had a bit of a frantic morning before I even got on the bike so as you can imagine calm, I was not! (Mobile died, three PPI calls within 20 minutes, the lace broke on my trainers and my alarm didn’t go off) So off we went and if I ever thought that

Singularly Awesome

So today is the day when timelines are full of chocolates, red roses and fluffy pictures, well for some!!!! Mine is full of ads for dating agencies, speed dating evenings and advice on being single on Valentines Day. There are people who will cry to the bottom of a box of tissues and whinge about being single till that last square of a family size bar of Cadburys has departed. They will avoid the world because they hate being S I N G L E on Valentine’s Day! Don’t deny it you

The Return!

Tomorrow is back to work day! After an amazing break, it is time to shift focus and balance out life. 2016 looks to be one that will be filled with passion, opportunity, personal growth and one almighty challenge in getting this poor old  neglected body back into shape. The spark has been lit and the revolution continues! G x #Fitness #Ginorgym #growth #Gin #opportunity #Gym #Scotland #change #focus

Back in the Saddle Again: The Return to the Western Gym!

I watched an old cowboy film the other day because it was one of those “I need to switch off and just chill” time. In the middle of the film there was the classic gunfight, the villain at one end of the street, and the sheriff at the other. As they walked towards each other the music started to build then suddenly they both reached for their guns and silence as a shot rang out and the villain fell. The sheriff had only wounded him and as he helped him up, he did that classic

Self Acceptance: Being Brave

Self Acceptance: being brave enough to present that authentic self and not hide behind a mask of sarcasm, humour or a pile of chips. Finding and embracing the parts that need a helping hand to move forward #Fitness #goaks #BreneBrown #Gym #memtalhealth #life #selfacceptance

Self Acceptance: Let the process begin

Talking about self acceptance this week, part of the process to get my head back into the right “exercise” space. To learn to see my perceived imperfections not as a fault but as a glorious work in progress is the goal, one weight at a time! #Fitness #Gym #Health #change #selfacceptance #goals

Belief, The Gym and Elvis ?

I was walking back home tonight after dinner at the Rio Cafe and as I headed up Hyndland Road a car stopped at the lights blaring out that eternal favourite of  karaoke singers everywhere, I Believe sung by Mr E Presley. Go on you know you want to …. I believe for every drop of rain falls A flower grows I believe that somewhere in the darkest night A candle glows Ahhh a classic! I could just see Elvis in his white suit belting out this old showstopper. The two young guys s

The Recovering Gymophobe Boldly Goes

So tomorrow I am off to my first ever fitness expo at the SECC in Glasgow. As many of you will know I am a total sceptic when it comes to certain parts of the fitness industry. There are so many products and “experts” who all claim to know best, the conflicting messages that appear on social media and websites are so confusing especially when the ” you don’t know what you are talking about” chat starts. It will be interesting to see what this kind of Expo is all about and to

Clearing Things Up

Good morning all I have had a few messages recently about my Blog and would just like to clarify a couple of things. Before I go on, this is not a criticism of any other Blogs, it is merely a response to several queries I have had. I started this Blog for myself, to try to keep on track working out that elusive balance in life. It began as my fight to get this body into some kind of half decent shape so that I could still enjoy a gin or two. But like any good piece of work, a

Ready, steady, what next ?

On the train home tonight, I sat opposite a guy who was reading Running & Being: The Total Experience by George Sheehan. I had never heard of this book before and being a bit of a nosy type, I asked him if it was any good. He said that it had been recommended to him as he had had a serious operation on his right leg and was struggling with his confidence to get back into running again. I asked him if it’s principles could be applied to any other fitness related activities, he

Motivation versus Compassion, Boxing in Pink Gloves!

I woke up in the middle of the night after the strangest dream. I was in a boxing ring fighting myself but my opponent was about three stone lighter, had no wobbly bits and looked like she had never had to use extra strength anti wrinkle cream. We never actually landed any punches but just danced around a lot and ducked and dived. We both had on black outfits,she in the tight vest and lycra leggings and me in my baggy black sweats on.  We both had on a pair of bright pink box

Bridget Gym’s Diary Thursday 5th June 2014 Day 11

Day 11 Thursday … Awake: 5.00am after a terrible nights sleep. Too much on my mind COFFEE … Black !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Breakfast: 8 am Total 0% Greek Yoghurt with chopped nuts and teaspoon fried fruits. Snack : Earl Grey Tea no milk, cucumber sticks Lunch:  Banana and carton of skimmed milk on the go, was going to a funeral and then had the gym with GymGuyMark Snack : Coffee and handful of nuts(watch how many almonds you eat) Evening: 8pm Grilled salmon and green

Bridget Gym’s Diary Sunday 1rst June 2014 Day 7

Day 7 ( half way point) Awake: 7.30 am strange sleep, woke up with one trainer on having dreamt that I took part in a Triathlon Breakfast: Tried a new 0% Greek yoghurt, blueberries and a few almonds Snack : Starving about 10.30, cheat toasted bagel and skinny latte ( new yoghurt is nowhere near as filling as the Total) Lunch: Carrot and Coriander soup, 2 slices brown toast, lots of water ( very thirsty today) Exercise : Cardio session at Western Health and Racquets Club gym.

Bridget Gym’s Diary Saturday 31rst May 2014 Day 6

Day 6 Awake: 6am, I know! Forgot to shut the curtains Exercise: Quick walk down Hyndland Road, Byres Road then back up Great Western Road to blow away the cobwebs. Off shopping to Country Baskets with wee sis for bits and pieces for other wee sis’s birthday Breakfast: Well more of a brunch, Granola, Fruit Compote and Natural Yoghurt at AvenueG on Great Western Road, a real treat. Snack : Almonds, black  coffee Lunch: About 2pm, peanut butter on brown toast Exercise : Major se


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