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Balancing life in all its various shapes and forms


The Monday Blog

This is the start of a very big week for me, after 12 years I leave my job! At present I do not have another one to go to but the next few days are full of exciting opportunities and that makes me happy #change #life #motivation

Promises, Promises … Oops I did it again!

So what changed ? Why did I suddenly decide a few months later to finish the job? Another bottle of wine? Another fish supper? Actually it is much simpler than that, all it took was someone sending me a text that said “well I believe in you, read this and remember it” So I have thought, believed, dreamt and finally dared! Sometimes you need to hit rock bottom before you can start again, cliche I know but in this case so true. Apologies dear readers but I broke the promise at

Belief, The Gym and Elvis ?

I was walking back home tonight after dinner at the Rio Cafe and as I headed up Hyndland Road a car stopped at the lights blaring out that eternal favourite of  karaoke singers everywhere, I Believe sung by Mr E Presley. Go on you know you want to …. I believe for every drop of rain falls A flower grows I believe that somewhere in the darkest night A candle glows Ahhh a classic! I could just see Elvis in his white suit belting out this old showstopper. The two young guys s

Motivation versus Compassion, Boxing in Pink Gloves!

I woke up in the middle of the night after the strangest dream. I was in a boxing ring fighting myself but my opponent was about three stone lighter, had no wobbly bits and looked like she had never had to use extra strength anti wrinkle cream. We never actually landed any punches but just danced around a lot and ducked and dived. We both had on black outfits,she in the tight vest and lycra leggings and me in my baggy black sweats on.  We both had on a pair of bright pink box

Bridget Gym’s Diary … Why ?

So the fourteen days of my self-imposed planned eating are over, how do I feel? Like a yoyo! In what sense you say? Simple, although my eating was well planned out, I could not have taken into account my emotions and feelings. I know that when I am down I reach for the carbs, it is my comfort zone and where I like to be but knowing that that was not part of the plan was very difficult to deal with. Now for the reason behind all this, I wanted to see if what I ate and what exe

Bridget Gym’s Diary Sunday 1rst June 2014 Day 7

Day 7 ( half way point) Awake: 7.30 am strange sleep, woke up with one trainer on having dreamt that I took part in a Triathlon Breakfast: Tried a new 0% Greek yoghurt, blueberries and a few almonds Snack : Starving about 10.30, cheat toasted bagel and skinny latte ( new yoghurt is nowhere near as filling as the Total) Lunch: Carrot and Coriander soup, 2 slices brown toast, lots of water ( very thirsty today) Exercise : Cardio session at Western Health and Racquets Club gym.

Bridget Gym’s Diary Friday 30th May 2014 Day 5

Day 5 Awake: 5.30 am wide awake and full of energy. That is a complete lie, I did the ten minutes more routine. Feeling slightly rough after the gin last night (note to self : out of practice) and concerned that my Irn Bru bacon roll hangover cure is banned at the moment Exercise: Walk to Byres Road, carried huge bottle of water, got on bus … woos Breakfast: Skinny latte, natural yoghurt and blueberries from Gordon Street Coffee mixed some muesli into the yoghurt, Yummy. Stil

Bridget Gym’s Diary Wednesday 28th May 2014 Day 3

Day 3 Awake: 5am, another night of minimal sleep. Exercise: walked part of the way to work but jumped on bus when rain shower came on, only to realise that I had my trainers on the wrong feet … sleepy numpty! Breakfast: 0% fat Greek yoghurt with tbsp nuts, a handful blueberries and a teaspoon of honey at my desk with full caff coffee Lunch: Baked tattie with tuna and tomatoes mixed with one tsp of pesto, glass of skimmed milk Snack: Almonds Exercise : Gym time at Western Heat

Strength and Character : Inspiring children ? Laura’s story

Ah quotes, those lines much beloved of the Blogger as a source of inspiration when the thought process dries up! I have to say that quotes don’t inspire me as such, they make me think, make me wonder what frame of mind the person was in when they said it and sometimes, did they actually say that or was it some clever script writer putting words in their mouth. We so often hear a quote or read a piece of writing that “shakes our world” (I promise to keep the quotation marks to

Back in the Western saddle again

Whether it is the Gene Autry or the Aerosmith song, both kept going through my head this afternoon as I headed back to the familiar territory of the Western Health and Racquets Club Gym on Hyndland Road. I had taken some time off putting the old body through pain as I felt it was a bit foot sore after the 26 mile Kilt Walk and needed time to recover. However as one challenge fades into the prairie sunset another rides into town in the shape of my 50th birthday. When I started

The Awesome Art of Trusting

How many times have you heard and believed the phrase “just trust me”! There are very few of us who, hand on heart, can say we believe it or trust it when we hear it. The dictionary defines trust as a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, strength of someone or something. As a baby we have an undefinable trust in the world because we know no better but as we grow up we become more cynical as we learn how tough the world can be. Trust very often flies straight out th

Consider the Pyramids … The start !

A pyramid is defined as a monumental structure with a square or triangular base and sloping sides that meet at a point at the top e.g. one built of stone as a royal tomb in ancient Egypt. They built them with a wide base to ensure an even distribution of weight and a stable structure, so it is no wonder that Maslow chose the triangle/pyramid shape to illustrate the basis of his Hierarchy of Needs, with the base of it all being your basic PHYSIOLOGICAL needs. So taking into co


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