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Balancing life in all its various shapes and forms


Words and phrases

How many times has someone said something to you in passing and it has cut you to the core? How many times have you opened your mouth without thinking and used words that were funny to you but to to others appear unkind? Words and phrases can hurt more and stay with us longer causing doubt, fear, anger and lack of confidence. In my 55 years on this planet, I have often felt rock bottom because someone has said a silly remark that has taken me down the wrong path, diverted my

Bridget Gym’s Diary … Why ?

So the fourteen days of my self-imposed planned eating are over, how do I feel? Like a yoyo! In what sense you say? Simple, although my eating was well planned out, I could not have taken into account my emotions and feelings. I know that when I am down I reach for the carbs, it is my comfort zone and where I like to be but knowing that that was not part of the plan was very difficult to deal with. Now for the reason behind all this, I wanted to see if what I ate and what exe

Bridget Gym’s Diary Wednesday 4th June 2014 Day 10

Day 10 Ok Wednesday went like this … Awake: 5.30 am to one of those nothing is going right mornings. Iron blew, button came off trousers and I ran out of coffee. Breakfast: 8 am Usual Total 0% yoghurt with honey and blueberries, latte from Gordon St Coffee much required Snack : 10 am Carrots,almonds Lunch:  1.30pm Tuna salad ( Tuna, tomatoes, black olives, chopped walnuts, grated carrot and lettuce) Snack : Earl Grey tea and a few more almonds Evening: 8.30pm Chicken breast,

Bridget Gym’s Diary Tuesday 3rd June 2014 Day 9

Tuesday Day 9 Today will be a better day Awake: 5.30 am phew no Triathlon dream Breakfast: 8 am Usual yoghurt with tbsp toasted hazelnuts ( get me eh) and honey Snack : 10 am Huge skinny latte Lunch:  1 pm Herring ( yes I did grill it the night before), chopped raw veg salad with light honey and soy dressing (Go #teamJac  all the best in the finals of the Great British menu) Snack : Chunky carrot sticks Evening:  7pm ish Cinema night tonight so had M and S salad with edaname

Bridget Gym’s Diary Monday 2nd June 2014 Day 8

Monday Monday Awake: 5.30am still dreaming about running in a Triathlon … no likey Breakfast: Total 0% Yoghurt with tbsp oatbran and blueberries,  huge black coffee Snack : Almonds, cup of Earl Grey no milk Lunch: Baked Tattie with own Chicken Curry ( made with little or no fat) Water Exercise : Angry walk home, knackered and angry at myself for eating three wee choccy bics Evening:  Homemade veg soup, veg cut really chunky Today’s highs:  Give me a minute, sure I will find s

Bridget Gym’s Diary Sunday 1rst June 2014 Day 7

Day 7 ( half way point) Awake: 7.30 am strange sleep, woke up with one trainer on having dreamt that I took part in a Triathlon Breakfast: Tried a new 0% Greek yoghurt, blueberries and a few almonds Snack : Starving about 10.30, cheat toasted bagel and skinny latte ( new yoghurt is nowhere near as filling as the Total) Lunch: Carrot and Coriander soup, 2 slices brown toast, lots of water ( very thirsty today) Exercise : Cardio session at Western Health and Racquets Club gym.

Bridget Gym’s Diary Saturday 31rst May 2014 Day 6

Day 6 Awake: 6am, I know! Forgot to shut the curtains Exercise: Quick walk down Hyndland Road, Byres Road then back up Great Western Road to blow away the cobwebs. Off shopping to Country Baskets with wee sis for bits and pieces for other wee sis’s birthday Breakfast: Well more of a brunch, Granola, Fruit Compote and Natural Yoghurt at AvenueG on Great Western Road, a real treat. Snack : Almonds, black  coffee Lunch: About 2pm, peanut butter on brown toast Exercise : Major se

Bridget Gym’s Diary Friday 30th May 2014 Day 5

Day 5 Awake: 5.30 am wide awake and full of energy. That is a complete lie, I did the ten minutes more routine. Feeling slightly rough after the gin last night (note to self : out of practice) and concerned that my Irn Bru bacon roll hangover cure is banned at the moment Exercise: Walk to Byres Road, carried huge bottle of water, got on bus … woos Breakfast: Skinny latte, natural yoghurt and blueberries from Gordon Street Coffee mixed some muesli into the yoghurt, Yummy. Stil

Bridget Gym’s Diary Tuesday 27th May 2014 Day 2

Day 2 Thought I might struggle a bit today as I was really quiet tired from a sleepless night Awake: 5.30am Coffee (Black) Exercise: walked it to work, West End of Glasgow to the City Centre, nice morning. Met two nutters who sang me a song Breakfast: 0% fat Greek yoghurt with tbsp nutty muesli, a handful blueberries and a teaspoon of honey at my desk with a decaff coffee Snack: Nut mix Lunch: Chicken, tomatoes, lettuce, spring onions with a light dressing Snack: Blueberries

Bridget Gym’s Diary : Monday 26th May 2014 : Day 1

Ok so it is day one and here we go … Awake: 5am, coffee, shower and many many yawns. Forgot it was Bank Holiday and work would not be quite as busy so went back to bed with book for half an hour, well an hour!!!! Breakfast: Second coffee from Gordon Street Coffee, followed by 0% fat Greek yoghurt with nutty muesli, a handful blueberries and a teaspoon of honey at my desk Snack: Coconut (see tip of the day) Lunch: Homemade Veg Soup ( carrots, leeks, broccoli, onions) Note to s

”Bridget” Gym’s Diary

Over the next fourteen days, starting from Monday 26th May 2014, I am going to keep a ”diary” in the Bridget Jones style but with a difference.  I am going to record what I eat, drink, exercise and what kind of day it has been. My professional life will not be included but the everything else, within reason, will. The format will be along the lines of the below but may change if I feel it is right to do so … Awake at Breakfast Snack Lunch Snack Evening Today’s highs Today’s l

Fifteen, time to stop counting!

To adapt a quote from one of my “heroines” Sophia Petrillo, picture it, Cumbernauld, 1999, Friday morning,  but the problem is I can’t because I don’t remember it. The 15th May 1999 was  day that changed my life! The whys and wherefores do not matter but all you need to know is someone somewhere decided to switch me off in the most dramatic way.  At the time it felt a bit like an uphill struggle to get everything under control but what I now realise is that I was re learning,

The M Word : the honest Blog!

This is the only Blog where I will use the word menopause, I decided to write this as honestly as I can for two reasons. One, to sort my head out and accept what is going on, and two to try to find the balance again. Wikepedia defines it as … Menopause is the cessation of a woman’s reproductive ability, the opposite of menarche. Menopause is usually a natural change; it typically occurs in women in midlife, during their late 40s or early 50s, signaling the end of the fertile


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