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Bridget Gym’s Diary Tuesday 3rd June 2014 Day 9

Tuesday Day 9

Today will be a better day

  1. Awake: 5.30 am phew no Triathlon dream

  2. Breakfast: 8 am Usual yoghurt with tbsp toasted hazelnuts ( get me eh) and honey

  3. Snack : 10 am Huge skinny latte

  4. Lunch:  1 pm Herring ( yes I did grill it the night before), chopped raw veg salad with light honey and soy dressing (Go #teamJac  all the best in the finals of the Great British menu)

  5. Snack : Chunky carrot sticks

  6. Evening:  7pm ish Cinema night tonight so had M and S salad with edaname beans and quinoa, plus a treat fruit salad, skinny Americano coffee

  7. Today’s highs:  Didn’t eat sweeties at Cinema … manning up!

  8. Today’s lows : I admit to feeling hungry today, might need to rethink a few things. Time to speak to @GymGuyMark again

Tip of the day : Back to the snacks, I find that chunky, raw carrot sticks are better than wee skinny ones, they take longer to eat and try a sprinkle of a fresh herb on them for a wee change

Right two very busy days coming up,time to be a right old saddo and get some meal prep done. Yes I know I am getting boring but it really does help when you are trying to stick to a plan, honestly.


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