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Balancing life in all its various shapes and forms


Back in the Saddle Again: The Return to the Western Gym!

I watched an old cowboy film the other day because it was one of those “I need to switch off and just chill” time. In the middle of the film there was the classic gunfight, the villain at one end of the street, and the sheriff at the other. As they walked towards each other the music started to build then suddenly they both reached for their guns and silence as a shot rang out and the villain fell. The sheriff had only wounded him and as he helped him up, he did that classic

Bridget Gym’s Diary Friday 30th May 2014 Day 5

Day 5 Awake: 5.30 am wide awake and full of energy. That is a complete lie, I did the ten minutes more routine. Feeling slightly rough after the gin last night (note to self : out of practice) and concerned that my Irn Bru bacon roll hangover cure is banned at the moment Exercise: Walk to Byres Road, carried huge bottle of water, got on bus … woos Breakfast: Skinny latte, natural yoghurt and blueberries from Gordon Street Coffee mixed some muesli into the yoghurt, Yummy. Stil

Bridget Gym’s Diary : Monday 26th May 2014 : Day 1

Ok so it is day one and here we go … Awake: 5am, coffee, shower and many many yawns. Forgot it was Bank Holiday and work would not be quite as busy so went back to bed with book for half an hour, well an hour!!!! Breakfast: Second coffee from Gordon Street Coffee, followed by 0% fat Greek yoghurt with nutty muesli, a handful blueberries and a teaspoon of honey at my desk Snack: Coconut (see tip of the day) Lunch: Homemade Veg Soup ( carrots, leeks, broccoli, onions) Note to s

Boxing brave!

Three words for you to consider: anger, trust and vulnerability! Three words that for many of us present huge problems and can cause life altering situations. Anger can takeover your life, we become so blinded by it that we can’t think straight and can often end up “losing it” over the slightest thing. Anger at others and with ourselves can be so destructive. Trust! A small word but something that plays such a significant role from an early age in our lives. Without trust in

A new muscle !

One of the things I wanted to do when I was off on holiday this week and next was to try to get back into the swing of things at the Gym. It has been pretty hit or miss over the last few weeks and I hate to say it, but I was really beginning to miss it. Time to get seriously focussed again! So Tuesday at high noon, I stepped back into the Gym at Western Health and Racquets Club on Hyndland Road for my PT session with GymGuyMark.  Now when I said get serious, I did not mean TH

Lights, camera, sweat!

I went to see The Great Gatsby last night with Hayley; I’d give it seven out of ten but sorry Leonardo, you are no Robert Redford! The weird thing is that since I saw the film, it is a song from another Robert Redford film that is stuck in my brain. Cue Raindrops keep falling on my head from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid! The leap from one film to another to another, a change from reality for a wee moment as I strolled down Elmbank Street this morning, pretending I was K

Caught in the rip of confidence!

Ok, it is Monday, it is 5 days before pay-day and life has gone into hectic mode. Knackered after a hard day’s work being stuck in a stuffy office, the only thing on any sane persons mind would be to head home, jump in the shower then chill for the evening. I sat on an overcrowded, hothouse of a bus tonight thinking just that, planning how, after my chat with Julie at Western Health and Racquets Club, I could sneak out without GymGuyMark seeing me. But escape plans were foile

The Doubt versus The Perfect Storm

Doubt defined as a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction! Doubt is a horrible nasty thing that creeps in when you are often at your lowest. It can create havoc with carefully made plans, trying something new or stepping out of your comfort zone. All it takes is one word from someone or the sudden thought that this dress is a bit too tight to send you diving back into your wardrobe to get out the jeans and baggy shirt. Doubt creates disbelief in your own hard-fought for

Back in the Western saddle again

Whether it is the Gene Autry or the Aerosmith song, both kept going through my head this afternoon as I headed back to the familiar territory of the Western Health and Racquets Club Gym on Hyndland Road. I had taken some time off putting the old body through pain as I felt it was a bit foot sore after the 26 mile Kilt Walk and needed time to recover. However as one challenge fades into the prairie sunset another rides into town in the shape of my 50th birthday. When I started

The Awesome Art of Trusting

How many times have you heard and believed the phrase “just trust me”! There are very few of us who, hand on heart, can say we believe it or trust it when we hear it. The dictionary defines trust as a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, strength of someone or something. As a baby we have an undefinable trust in the world because we know no better but as we grow up we become more cynical as we learn how tough the world can be. Trust very often flies straight out th

A year ago … still boldly going !

My third Blog post http://ginorgym.wordpress.com/2012/03/08/to-boldy-go-where-no-gymophobe-has-been-before/ written after I had been for my first look around the Western Health and Racquets Club. I remember being very apprehensive about what it would be like, would it be full of very fit people pounding the treadmill and lifting huge weights with one finger? Or would I run kicking and screaming after seeing my first torture machine? As it turned out none of the above, no one

The Screaming Muscles

Did you know that? “The New England mussel produces sound with its byssal threads, which are used to attach themselves to hard substrates. At temperatures above 10 degrees centigrade, mussels can produce snapping sounds by stretching and breaking the byssal threads, these sounds are not intentionally produced.” Don’t say you never learn anything from my Blog. Yes, the humble New England mussel and I have one thing in common, unintentional sound when exercising. For the wee mu

Weights and Zombies

Gym Session: Tuesday 22nd January 2013 PT session today with GymGuyMark! Boy, was it a Gym session and a half at  The Western Health and Racquets Club. Treadmill 15 minutes: trying out my new bright pink earphones for my ipod. Rowing Machine 10 minutes : chat about films and in particular Zombies and my fear of Cybermen. GGM also managed to fill me in on most of the opening scene of Dawn of the Dead (note to self, don’t listen next time, nightmares) Bike 5 minutes: chat from

December Days … the fourth one !

Hey, that was Monday so let’s say hello to Tuesday. So far, I have replaced an indulgent snack and cut down on the caffeine, what next? Well my little snowmen and women, my next wee challenge is to walk that little bit extra. It is very simple, instead of taking the lift or the escalators, take the stairs. Instead of going to your usual bus stop, get up early and walk to the next one. When you are sitting watching the telly, do a wee bit of stretching of those legs and arms o

Refocus on those sequins and getting back with the programme !

The past few weeks, gym wise, have been really difficult for me. Along with a few other things, I have had a rotten chest infection that just would not shift, my cough was keeping me up at night and my throat was quite painful as a result. So as you can imagine pounding the treadmill at the Gym was not an attractive prospect. In short I know I have been a miserable git, through lack of sleep and having to take antibiotics so my apologies world! Perhaps the most frustrating th

The Morning After !

You know that Monday morning feeling when the alarm goes off; you fumble around in the dark for your specs to try to find the button to switch the damn thing off? You know your glasses are there somewhere but you can’t quite find them? Well imagine that feeling in your legs as I got out of bed this morning. I knew they were still there but it felt like they belonged to someone else. It is a well-known fact that I cannot function in the morning without my first cup of coffee,

Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow

Ow ! Did I say that already ? I don’t actually hurt so much, more I feel like I have two dead legs and an arm that has gone to sleep. Yes, I have been for my first session at the Western Gym with the ever patient Mark! After a sit down chat in his office, ticking boxes and doing the blood pressure thing, he decided that I was quite safe to be let loose in the torture chamber, I mean Gym. The treadmill ! Walking you say, we do it every day! Yeh but the path doesn’t move, you d

To Boldy Go Where No Gymophobe Has Been Before

The Gym ! Okay, so it was just a visit to meet the very patient Mark and look around The Western Gym and Tennis Club on Hyndland Road, but for me, I might as well have been going for root treatment. First surprise, I actually went through the front door, second surprise I didn’t faint at the sight of a running machine, third surprise I actually thought to myself ‘I wish I had brought my stuff with me’. Mark made me feel very comfortable and once I realised that not one person


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