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To Boldy Go Where No Gymophobe Has Been Before

The Gym !

Okay, so it was just a visit to meet the very patient Mark and look around The Western Gym and Tennis Club on Hyndland Road, but for me, I might as well have been going for root treatment.

First surprise, I actually went through the front door, second surprise I didn’t faint at the sight of a running machine, third surprise I actually thought to myself ‘I wish I had brought my stuff with me’. Mark made me feel very comfortable and once I realised that not one person even looked round, I thought ‘hey maybe I can do this’.

The club is small but perfectly formed, good range of the necessary evil-looking machines that quite frankly look for medical use than for use in a Gym, nice big windows and a view out onto the tennis courts. But saving the best till last, there is a Bar ! Hallelujah !

So having committed myself to improving this thing I call a body, Thursday 8th at 6pm, with my Gym stuff, here I come.

Mammmmmmmyyyy !!!!!


Post actually done on 5th March but something didn’t work !

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