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Weights and Zombies

Gym Session: Tuesday 22nd January 2013

PT session today with GymGuyMark! Boy, was it a Gym session and a half at  The Western Health and Racquets Club.

  1. Treadmill 15 minutes: trying out my new bright pink earphones for my ipod.

  2. Rowing Machine 10 minutes : chat about films and in particular Zombies and my fear of Cybermen. GGM also managed to fill me in on most of the opening scene of Dawn of the Dead (note to self, don’t listen next time, nightmares)

  3. Bike 5 minutes: chat from GGM on the current state of his various cars and the yucky cyst thingy he has on his leg.

  4. Refused point blank to do the cross trainer! Knackered!

  5. Upstairs to the weight room, managed to get in some good weight exercises, just to infuriate my tired arms even more.

  6. Ended with 30 sit ups.

Now back to zombies, I often feel like one when I leave the Gym, particularly now that it is getting a bit serious. Between upping my treadmill action (more of this in another Blog) and using bigger weights, my poor old muscles and limbs are back to complaining very very loudly. The tops of my arms are aching, my shoulders are refusing to carry even an small handbag and as for my legs, well I can only talk to them through a lawyer. However it all means that I guess I am passed the reluctant gymophobe and careering slowly towards the … gulps … gym goer!


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