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Balancing life in all its various shapes and forms


Rocking and rowing in black!

Today was a tough day for several reasons, it was one of those days when you just want to stay in bed, haul the duvet over your head and only come out when you need to refill your coffee mug. I had the day off as I had a few personal things to do, not all pleasant! List all ticked off, speech done and only soaked once, I was home quicker than I thought. But I made the classic mistake of getting home, switching the kettle on and sitting down. Two hours later I woke up, frozen,

Back in the Western saddle again

Whether it is the Gene Autry or the Aerosmith song, both kept going through my head this afternoon as I headed back to the familiar territory of the Western Health and Racquets Club Gym on Hyndland Road. I had taken some time off putting the old body through pain as I felt it was a bit foot sore after the 26 mile Kilt Walk and needed time to recover. However as one challenge fades into the prairie sunset another rides into town in the shape of my 50th birthday. When I started

Weights and Zombies

Gym Session: Tuesday 22nd January 2013 PT session today with GymGuyMark! Boy, was it a Gym session and a half at  The Western Health and Racquets Club. Treadmill 15 minutes: trying out my new bright pink earphones for my ipod. Rowing Machine 10 minutes : chat about films and in particular Zombies and my fear of Cybermen. GGM also managed to fill me in on most of the opening scene of Dawn of the Dead (note to self, don’t listen next time, nightmares) Bike 5 minutes: chat from

I’m a Gymophobe! Get me out of here !

Ok. let’s take these factors into account! Long day at work Freezing weather Still on the cutting down on caffeine thing No gym gear ready So, any sensible person would have said, stuff it! PJ’s on, gin in hand, telly on and stuff your face in a cheesecake. The operative word being sensible. Not me, I jumped on a passing 44 bus, headed back to my flat, got changed and went straight down to the Western Health and Racquets Club Gym. I think I need help! The Club was quite busy

Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow

Ow ! Did I say that already ? I don’t actually hurt so much, more I feel like I have two dead legs and an arm that has gone to sleep. Yes, I have been for my first session at the Western Gym with the ever patient Mark! After a sit down chat in his office, ticking boxes and doing the blood pressure thing, he decided that I was quite safe to be let loose in the torture chamber, I mean Gym. The treadmill ! Walking you say, we do it every day! Yeh but the path doesn’t move, you d


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