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December Days … the scent of Christmas

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Ok, sit down, close your eyes and think of your favourite smell! Is it freshly washed sheets or perhaps the smell of a Sunday roast? Scents can evoke memories, changes moods and soothe the stressed out head!

At this time of year the aroma of pine trees, spice scented candles and the smell of polish fill the air, not of course to forget the fragrance of de- icer, grit and exhaust fumes hitting the freezing air!

One of favourite inspirational women Jo Malone once said …

“Fragrance is my language for translating the world, it is how I ‘see’ and capture many memories of family and friends or special moments in time. I will always remember my father’s cologne combined with the crisp, clean scent of his freshly laundered shirts.”

So let’s think of how we can create those fragrant memories this Christmas!


Rae suggests …

To break an atmosphere use frankincense & grapefruit Soothing & relaxing try chamomile & mandarin For Christmas cheer, it has to be cinnamon, orange, ginger & clove.

organe clove

Scenting your home is so easy using essential oils, candles or flowers, one of my favourite ways is to put a couple of drops on a flannel and leave it on the radiator, So nice to come home to.

Enjoy and breathe in deeply

G x

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