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December Days … the chilly Sunday

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So how are we all this chilly December morning? Glasgow is covered in a blanket of frost with a stunning blue sky full of fluffy little clouds. A good day for a brisk walk in Kelvingrove Park followed by a nice hot cuppa at one of the West End’s many cafés is definitely in order.


How many times do you find yourself moaning about the cold and wishing for the sunny summer days? But as James M Barrie put it …

“God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December.”

So guys, let’s get out there today, get out of that stuffy car and breathe in that chilly air that makes you feel alive. Enjoy, and feel blessed that you have somewhere warm to go home to, when there are others out there who do not.


Have a good Sunday and please take a look at the two links below


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The Herald Hunger Appeal http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/world-news/hunger-the-sunday-herald-christmas-appeal.19563667

Salvation Army Appeal https://salvationarmyappeals.org.uk/form.asp?id=716&gclid=CNSO8La3-7MCFebLtAodTWgAqw

PS the rose photo belongs to me, if you want to use it please ask first

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